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Road America: More Than A Road

Wisconsin Racing Recording

There’s more to Road America than just racing cars. For over 60 years of its existence, the people around this area continuously find ways to make Road America more enjoyable for the locals, families, and spectators.

Before I even thought of starting a video recording company that would feature the never fading beauty of Road America, as a local, I for one went to places and tried different activities at this historical road. Yearly, I notice changes from the surroundings of this place and they were always better than before.

That’s probably the reason why I ended up to this idea of establishing this recording company. I would like people from many places to see how Road America is more than just a road. Spectators might have thought of this place as boring cause the name of this place sounds so normal, others might have assumed that Road America is the whole of America, especially to foreigners but that’s actually wrong, and there might be many other false speculations about this landmark.

Without any further a do, let me show you what is more to expect here at Road America. Most definitely, I will feature these attractions through my videos and will elaborate more details on them just for you. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Foods That Will Make You Drool
Not only will you get full of the races happening at Road America, you will also satisfy your tummies from all the delicious food this place could offer. Get to eat Instagram-worthy dishes from pizzas, burgers, ice creams, full course meals, food truck menus, desserts and there’re a lot more to mention. Every time I return to this place, I always make it that I will not eat at the same place as before. And as far as I can remember, I haven’t eaten anything that wasn’t to my liking, every dish is to die for!

Go Karts Available for Kids
Thought driving wheels at Road America were only for the adults? Think again! They offer go karts suitable to be driven by children. This will let kids experience a drive at this prestigious location.

Camp Anywhere Around Road America
Want to camp out at Road America? No problem! First you have to purchase admission tickets. Children 16-under are free only if they are accompanied by a paying adult with photo ID. Restrooms are scattered all around Road America so there are no problems when you would like to do your business. During your stay, you will also get to discover beautiful sceneries around the area.

Hottest Cars Spotted at Road America
I always spot hot and top of the line sports cars whenever I’m at Road America. Whether they are racers, spectators, or even locals, they would have a car to show off and they won’t mind if you take pictures of their cars. They actually like it when people do. Such cool kids, aren’t they?

Vintage Road America
There are also destinations that will remind you of the past. You will get to discover how it all began, how it became an official race track, the pioneer racers during the good old days, and other related facts. To be honest with you, I might not have fully shown you every bit of Road America, those might just be a portion of how it really is now. But don’t worry, there is more to come!

Watch out for our videos and be enticed to visit the home of all race cars of Wisconsin. Drive to Road America!