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Elkhart Lake Racing Events to Attend in 2019

Road America, located in Elkhart Lake, WI, is widely known as one of the finest racing circuits in the US. It hosts over 450 events year-round and has recently begun expanding its events to include ATV adventure trails, karting, geocaching, basic rider courses, and much more. The 4-mile, 24-turn racetrack draws the best professional racers from around the world every year. 

I’ve taken the liberty of picking out a few of the best events (and my personal favorites) upcoming at Road America this year. As a professional video recorder, I won’t be spending much time cheering on the racing, but I’ll be capturing the entirety of the heart-pounding events—in stunning 4k resolution! I’ll be posting up highlights from each event on the blog, so if you’re unable to attend, be sure to check back often!  

Now that I’ve provided a bit of info, let’s get down to business! Here are some fantastic and exciting Road America racing events to check out this summer. 

Vintage MotoFest – July 26th-28th 

The Vintage Motofest, with help from the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA), aims to keep the motorcycle racing spirit alive and well—the racing circuit is not just limited to 4-wheel vehicles! On the 16th, check out the motorcycle show which will feature tons of interesting and creative motorcycles from across the world. The show includes a pleasant blend of European, Japanese, and American vintage café racers, choppers, sport bikes, supermoto bikes, scooters, and much more. The three-day event includes live music, food, microbrews, racing, and stunt shows—you can’t get a much better combination than that! 

IMSA Sportscar Weekend – Aug 1st-4th 

The IMSA Weathertech Sportscar races feature top-of-the-line cars with expert drivers behind the wheel. The cars range from Acura and Ford, to McLaren and Ferrari. This race is a test of agility and strength and only the best racer with the best car will win. Aside from intense racing action, the weekend event offers autographs from professional racers, tech talks, fan forums, and much more. This weekend is sure to tickle the fancy of any technical-loving sportscar and racing enthusiast! 

NASCAR XFINITY Series / Stadium Super Trucks / SCCA Pro Trans Am & F3 – Aug 10th-16th 

This triple-event week is chock full of incredible shows, races, and activities. The NASCAR XFINITY Series pits future NASCAR stars against each other on the racing circuit. If you’re into large trucks racing and going over massive jumps, be sure to catch the Stadium Super Trucks event. Trucks with over 650-horsepower face off with 36” jumps spattered across the racecourse! There are some additional fan activities available as well including disc golf and public karting. Camping spots are available in the surrounding areas! 

World Challenge Weekend – September 20th-22nd  
The World Challenge Weekend is three days of high-octane racing. After the races, meet with the teams and drivers, explore the area, and peruse over 100 beautiful cars. Manufacturers Acura, Audi, Bentley, BMW, and more will be showcasing their most sophisticated cars. 

Be sure to check back often as I post regularly on all things recording and racecar! Elkhart Recording—All of your racecar & recording news in one place! 

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