About Me

What’s this blog about?  

Before I even conceptualized starting a video recording company, I had a love for all things racing. Living in Elkhart Lake, WI has given me access to one of the finest racing circuits on Earth, Road America. As a racecar lover, I couldn’t ask for a much better place to be. With Road America hosting over 450 events annually, all-year-round, Elkhart Lake is an absolute dream location to live for any racecar enthusiast. 

But enough gushing about how great Road America is, what does this blog offer? I cover topics ranging from video recording techniques to the best racing events to watch every year. It’s a bit of a wide-ranging field of interest but I do my best to keep it relevant to those two specific topics. Since cars and recording are my two great loves, I often post clips and videos featuring amazing moments from racing events.