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On The Way To Road America

Wisconsin race track

Road America is a racing track located at Elkhart, Wisconsin. This road has been used for all types of races since the 1950s. Several major racing events, up ‘till this day, hold their activities at Road America such as NASCAR Xfinity Series, IndyCar Series, Kohler Grand Prix, Continental Tire Road Race Showcase and so much more. Let’s just say the it hosts over 400 events a year which is way pass our calendar.

It’s remarkable 4-mile, 14-turn around circuit has challenged many of the world’s best racers for the last 60 years and counting such as Sherwood Johnston, Phil Hill, Paul Goldsmith, Carl Edwards, Michael McDowell, and Jeremy Clements. Famous celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Ashley Judd, Tim Allen,and David Letterman have visited Road America for its great racing events and picturesque surroundings. Because of the road’s rising popularity, Road America became BIG. Almost 800,000 people a year, either local or foreign, visits this historical track.

As for its economic standing, according to experts, Road America generates more than $100 million-dollar income annually. With all that said, where is this leading? Elkhart Recording Company will be making videos of the events held at this legendary road. We believe that we will be able to produce the best videos of the track because we are locals of Elkhart, Wisconsin. We know its history, how it began, and how it’s reached its success. We assure you that our team will be able to present a legit presentation of events occurring in Road America from the behind-the-scenes to the actual activities.

Road America is probably one of the best attractions in Elkhart, Wisconsin. People from all around the world visit our place to personally watch the happenings there. In our videos, we would like to show people that Road America has more than just racing. They’ve already conducted other activities that doesn’t involve hot wheels, intense stirrings, and breathtaking drifts. Road America started run/walk marathons to support the American Cancer Society and other awareness groups. They’ve also opened affordable cycling marathons that would be enjoyed by families and their friends.

They also have tough mudder events to test the strength, stamina, and camaraderie of participants. Not all people can be part of these events that’s why our team would like our viewers to enjoy every second as they watch our works and in return receive positive feedbacks from people and to make them feel like they were part of those events even by just watching the whole happening from their screens.

Nowadays, people treasure precious memories through the use of media. Our team would like to exceed your expectations and stretch our skills to make every captured moment precious to all our viewers.

We won’t miss a scene. May it be an ordinary situation or something big, it will be recorded.

We won’t waste a clip. We will do our best to include every clip to our videos.

We won’t disappoint our dear viewers. You would always want for more.

Thrilled to watch our videos? That’s awesome! Stay tuned cause we will surprise you!